Top Travel Agent in Hanoi

We will mention name of the Best Travel Agency in Hanoi and Vietnam for those who are looking for information on prestige office.
Here is a collection of top 5 Tour operators and Travel Agent in Hanoi. Most of these are highly reputable and recommended on TripAdvisor

Best travel agent in viet nam – Hanoi Explore Travel

List of Top Travel Agency in Hanoi :

1. Hanoi Explore Travel Agency :

– Address : 37 Ngõ Huyện, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
– Hotline : + 84 974 805 797
– Email :
– Website :

Hanoi Explore Travel Agency one of the great and Best Travel Agency in Hanoi is highest rating, are used the best tourism services by clients. It is located in the heart of Hanoi old quarter, near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera and Big Church in Hanoi. With all staffs are full of enthusiastic, energetic and always be well-educated about skill, expertise in tourism industry, so you will always get the advice of experts in travel industry. Go with team:Mr.Lee – Moderator – with over 10 years experiences in travel industry. We are sure that you will have a fantastic holiday with them. And the most special and unique thing is contract guarantee of quality service when you book tour with them.

 2. Vietnam Eco Travel
– Add : No 31, Lane 116, Ngoc Thuy Str, Long Bien, Hanoi
– Hotline : + 84 914 815 535
– Email :
– Website :

This is also one of the Best Travel Company in Vietnam. It was founded more than 10 years, with more than 60 employees and more than 10 offices throughout Vietnam. They are full of products from Ninh Binh Tours, Halong Tours, Sapa Tours, Mekong Delta Tour and all Tours specialize in Farm Trip in Vietnam, Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour,  … This company is also in the top 10 best travel companies in Vietnam on TRIADVISOR for 3 years consecutive from 2014 to 2018.

3. Handspan Travel
Hand span’s Treasure Junk is the only true sailing ship operating on the bay and Best Tour Companies in Hanoi providing Vietnam Package Tours. That means you get to meander peacefully through the karsts without the constant hum of a diesel engine. Crack open a cold Bia Hanoi and you’ll be in heaven.
The contact details:
– Address: 78 Ma May street, Hanoi
– Telephone: +84 4 3926 2828
– Website :

4. Buffalo tours
Buffalo Tours is a leading inbound Best Tour Company in Hanoi and destination management company in Asia, hosting hundreds of thousands of journeys annually. We operate in 11 destinations throughout Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia – with sales offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Russia. Buffalo Tours embraces its origins in Asia to connect travellers to the cultures and people of this amazing region. We use our knowledge of Asia and expertise to create an environment where guests can make their own unique memories.
The contact details:
– Address: 70-72 Ba Trieu, Hanoi, VIETNAM.
– Hotline: +84-4-3828-0702
– Website :

Hanoi Explore Travel Agency’s Logo

How to Contact to Travel Agent in Hanoi ?

You can contact and find more information from these agencies through the following two forms:
1. Contact through the internet : in each a Travel Agent in Hanoi, They have full information such as address, phone number, email, and website so you can easily contact with them, you can visit their website and preview their itinerary tours that you want to book. After that you can book online with Travel Agent in Hanoi or send an email to get more information for your trip. However not at all agencies would also have a professional website to book tour online so you should understand before booking tour online and if whether it is safe for your credit card information or not? Or when you make a tour deals if whether it are being charged% bank service or not? And how much does it cost % for 1 time online tour booking? And how is the exchange rate of foreign currencies into VND for online tour booking?

2. Contact directly at the Travel Agent in Hanoi: this is considered as the best form and most utility. Because when you come directly at the Office, you will have more information and more choices about prices. Moreover,it is easy to pay directly at the office in USD or VND without losing charge. And the most importantly you will see directly images, detailed itineraries of each tour and you will always get the best advices from experts to get the best trip.

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Tam Coc Mua Cave Day Tour Review

After heard a lot of interesting introduction about Ninh Binh Province we decided to take a trip there for 1 Day from Hanoi.We was looking for the Best Travel Agent in Hanoi to get more information and book this tour type. Luckily the Tam Coc Mua Cave Day Tour with Vietnam Eco Travel didn’t make us disappointed, we really love it !! You can also find more options from Tripadvisor for Day Tour in Ninh Binh.

Mua Caves Ninh Binh
        Mua Caves Ninh Binh

Tam Coc Mua Cave Recommendation :

Ninh Binh is truly a Halong Bay on land of Vietnam with karst mountains, mysterious caves and lime stones especially it will be decorated by ripe rice paddies in yellow in the summer. A whole picture of the land catches anyone’s eyes at the first sight.
Well the highlights of our trip are 2 things. The first thing is exploring Mua Cave, includes nearly 500 steps to put your foot on top of Mua mountain. Mua Caves Ninh Binh is said to be the “ Great wall of China”. And the second one is being on a small boat floating over Ngo river the experience gives us a good relaxation time.

About the Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour :

It is no long to wait for being confirmed the tour, you need to give travel agent a deposit or you can pay full amount of fee. We booked the Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour 1 Day in advance it happened very thoroughly. We chose Tam Coc Mua Cave Group Tour to save cost !! Our group tour is maximum 14 peoples. If you wouldn’t do group tour, you can book Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour for private. But you need to contact direct to Vietnam Eco Travel to get best deal.

On the tour date : 
In the morning, they set up to pick up at hotel then depart to Ninh Binh.
From Hanoi to Ninh Binh is away about 100 km, after 3 hours arrived in Tam Coc Area at around 10:00 am.
The tour starts by taking a ride boat through Ngo river to explore Hang Ca (First Grotto), Hang Hai (Second Grotto), Hang Ba (Third Grotto). I felt the women on her boat very strong while using her 2 legs to drive the boat ! One the river many products are sold such as water, snacks, lotus, fruits…more interesting most of rider on the boats can speak English even some of them can speak plus Chinese, Korean…

Boating on Tam Coc
Cruising on River in Tam Coc Area

For more than 1 hour on ride boat, the next time for biking around Tam Coc area. Just from 35 minutes to 45minutes you’ll find temple, local people, river, field..on your way passing the road. This is my first time I really understand a Vietnamese local life, i was impressed on watching everything around, they are all pretty.

Boating in Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour
 Boating in Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour

Ending some activities in the morning we were to the car and move to our local restaurant to Enjoy Cooking Class making delicious fried spring rollsserved with traditional cuisine in a restaurant at 11h30pm, I can’t remember the name of that restaurant but food and service tastes so good.
When it came to 1.30 pm a bus take us to Hoa Lu Ancient Capital. We visited Ding king temple and Le king temple in the 10th century.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital
Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Last of the trip, they took us to visit Mua Caves Ninh Binh. Our guide explained that Mua means dancing, in Vietnamese they call it Hang Mua. The Mua Caves is not too much impressive until you are on the peak to admire the beauty of Ninh Binh below

View from Peak of Mua Cave
View from Peak of Mua Cave

After that, back to Restaurant for relaxing and enjoy tea or coffee before Car drive back to Hanoi. The trip ends at 6:30 pm, we had a great time in the Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour. Our guide is another gift, he was very informative about history and helpful. The Limousine is comfortable. We arrived in Hanoi at 7:15 pm. We pay the money for a right tour in Vietnam

If you wouldn’t to do this place with the group tour. And would like to explore most beauty of Mua Cave Ninh Binh by your self. There are 3 ways at-a-glance to consider which way you should use for your trip :
1 . Train to Ninh Binh, visiting Mua Cave
2. With shuttle bus to Tam Coc Mua cave Tour
3. Get to Mua Cave Ninh Binh by Motorbike, Private car

This option recommend for travellers who are young and will have lot of time in Vietnam. But some of tourists stays a few days in Viet Nam, some of them just plan a very short trip in the north. That’s why they are more concerned about day trip . Joining Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour to easily get your own experiences with local guide