Most beautiful and interesting destinations in the Far East

Burma is known as one of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in the Far East. With untouched beauty that hasn’t been seen by millions of tourists it offers rich landscapes with history and mix of cultures and people. The best time to visit the country is during the dry season which is between November and May and certain areas can be extremely wet throughout the summer months, but the country is vast so these areas can be avoided. In the winter the hilly areas can be cold and the plains of Mandalay and Bagan can become extremely hot during summer with short showers.

There are a number of resorts in Burma that will really allow travellers to experience the sights and cultural experiences that really make Burma the place it is.

The Traders Yangon which is situated within the capital offers an old Asian feel with its dark wood and chandeliers as well as views of the Yangon River and the ancient temples. For those that want relaxing and serene luxury holidays, the Governor’s residence is the place to go. It is located within the Dragon Township and gives easy access to amazing tropical gardens. There are pagoda excursions available as well as traditional cooking lessons that allow the traveller to experience the culture and beauty of the surrounding area.

For an exclusive city retreat the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel offers comfort and superb views of the lake. The resort has huge gardens that give access to Shrines and courtyards and nearby is the Shwedagan Pagoda and the floating Karaweik Restaurant. Those people who like to do their bit for the environment will find the Marauk U Princess Resort a great place to stay.

With is own sustainable energy created by the locally grown rice husks this resort is situated on the eastern shore of the Kaladan River. With houses that have private balconies with views of the rice paddies, gorgeous gardens and the twisting river this is a resort that cannot be missed. This resort gives the traveller everything they need, perfect location for stunning scenery and access to the many temples within the archaeological site.

Luxury Burma holidays have many things on offer and there is always plenty to do. Adventurous types have the option of climbing the Mandalay Hill with the 760ft hill that splits it, a walk carried out barefoot on the hills southern slope allows the experience of walking through a colourful sequence of prayers and opportunities to pick up souvenirs. After a 30 minute climb the summit is best experienced at the time of the setting sun.

Lake Inle offers stunning surroundings with a more comfortable climate that has numerous floating markets, tomato fields and monasteries and people who live their lives in a certain way. Watch the boat rower’s move between lake villages and trawl the markets for local delicacies.

Finally, for those people who like to relax by the beach the Ngapali beach is the place to go. With its golden stretch of sand and swaying palm trees. It offers a serene atmosphere that allows travellers to enjoy the beautiful seas and the calm breeze.

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