Tam Coc Boat Tour – A Relaxing Ride in Ninh Binh Province

When you take a boat tour in Tam Coc, you will be taken to some famous places where most of the beautiful places has been photographed on the social network. Have you seen the river surrounded by rice fields and mountains? Here you will have the opportunity to see it in real life. I recommend that you should not miss this boat tour when you visit Ninh Binh.

You can also easily combine this trip with near location such as … It just takes10 minutes away from Tam Coc boat station or Bich Dong Pagoda…

Tam Coc Boat Trip

Why should you choose to travel by Tam Coc boat tour?

First cave in Trang an

Meet local people who have skill of sailing with their great feet

Tourism in Vietnam has made a number of strong developments in recent years and NinhBinh is not an exception. The high tourist rates mean the longer hour boatmen work. Although tourism is the major source of income for local people. They always have to sail long hours with hands, it makes their arm aches. For this reason, the Vietnamese have come up with a clever idea – sailing with leg

A man is rowing boat ride at tam coc - Hanoi Explore Travel
A man is rowing boat ride at tam coc – Hanoi Explore Travel

Rowing with leg is not only faster but also uses less energy

Furthermore, they can do a lot of things in parallel while they are using their legs for boating, they also can use their hands for other activities such as using the phone, eating or drinking. Because this method is quite effective, many people have chosen it. Rowing with leg have become popular and is really impressed in Ninh Binh province.

Boat trip at Trang An Ninh Binh

Economic Development of a Local Area

Many local people rely on tourism as their main source of income, including the boatman in Tam Coc. By taking a boat tour, you are helping local people have a better life. Please do not forget to leave a tip for them – those who are working really hard to serve you after finishing your trip

Rowing Boat Tour on Tam Coc River

Enjoy the most beautiful scenery in Ninh Binh

Tam Coc is known for wonderful views with the surrounding limestone mountains. The two banks of the river were full of fields of local people. At the halfway of this boat trips, you will have an opportunity to admire the peak of Mua cave from a different point of view. During this tour, you will relax and feel serenity of this place.

Amazing Tam Coc

The Introduction of Tam Coc Boat Tour

Tam Coc boat tour will start at the center of Tam Coc village. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Boats can accommodate up to 2 people. Although this was written at the ticket counter, I saw boats with more than 2 people. However, I strongly recommend that you should follow this rule. The more people in the boat, the more difficult for the boatman on the tour.

Cruising tam coc boat trip

If you are planning for a boat tour at midday, you should not forget to bring a hat or umbrella to protect yourself from the sun or the rain! Also remember to bring some water

Important! – At the end of the trip after you will be out of the cave, there are some boats with full of fruits, foods and drinks. Those people will try to convince you to buy with unreasonable prices. They will go a long way to make you feel guilty if you do not buy anything. I would advise to say “no” politely. And then you should tell with rower that you will tip for them after finishing the trip. If you are wondering how much you should tip and it is up to you to make the answer, from 20,000 to 40,000 VND would be great. However, you can give them as much as you want.

Visiting a cave in Tam Coc

Boat tour’s price

Boat ticket:

Adult: 200.000 VND / (maximum 2 people)

Children: 120,000 VND/person

For example, if you are two adults, you will have to pay 200,000 VND for boat x 2, it is 400 dollars in total.

The time of boat trip Tam Coc: 2.5 hours

Opening hours: 8am – 6pm

Tam Coc Tourist Boat Map

How to get to Tam Coc

If you are in Tam Coc, it takes a few minutes from your place to boat station. However, if you live in any other city in Vietnam, I recommend that you should choose one of the following options:

  • Taxis or motorbikes

These are the best options if you visit Tam Coc from Ninh Binh or Hanoi. You can rent a motorbike or take a taxi (about 15,000 VND/ km).

  • Bus

There are daily buses from Hanoi to Tam Coc and it cost about 7 dollars or 154,000 VND. For more information, click here.

If you are planning to visit it from the south of Vietnam (Dong Hoi, Hoi An) there are also many buses to choose. However, just remember that these buses will only take you to the center of Ninh Binh City. You will have to take a taxi or an intra-provincial bus from there to Tam Coc.

Tam Coc boat tour with guide

There are many guided tours from Hanoi. Normally, these tours also include other tourist attraction in the area such as Mua Cave or Thai Vi Temple,… Sightseeing tickets and lunch. If you follow their schedule, you will not have to spend too much time planning your trip. Here are a few options to visit:

I am sure that you will have a great time and you will have so much love for Tam Coc boat tour. This may be somewhat surprising when you see local people who row with their feet. It will make your experience more realistic. It will be definitely a memorable experience.



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