Top 15 picturesque places to visit outside Hanoi

If you would like to find out about the tourist places to visit outside Hanoi, please refer to the article below. I helped you combine nearly 15 most beautiful tourist places to visit outside Hanoi for your reference. Specific information about these beautiful tourist destinations is:

Eco Park
If you want to find a camping site, picnic weekend with family, relatives, sure EcoPark is the ideal choice for you because this is the most beautiful and interesting eco-city in the area. Southeast Asia. Large EcoPark space, fresh air, cool, will definitely give you the best experience.
EcoPark is divided into a number of areas, including Spring Park, Summer Park, outdoor recreation area, dining area or beautiful view cafes, ideal for you to choose.

Bat Trang pottery village
Bat Trang is known as the famous pottery village, the oldest in Hanoi, which produces hundreds of famous handicrafts for export in the country as well as the international market.
Go to Bat Trang Ceramic Village, you will be visiting everywhere, watching and looking at beautiful pottery products, quality with many models, different shapes. Especially, you can make your own handmade ceramic products with the guidance of dedicated craftsmen here. And this is definitely a great concept for you.

Bat Trang pottery village
Bat Trang pottery village

Chu Dong Tu Temple
Dong Tu is the common name of many temples throughout the country, however, only two main temples, the most sacred, are:

The first Temple of Chu Dong Tu is located in Da Hoa village, Binh Minh commune, suburban area of Hanoi. This temple is also called Da Hoa Temple.

The remaining Dong Tu Temple is located in Yen Vinh Village, Da Trach Commune. This temple is also known as Da Trach Temple.

Chu Dong Tu Temple is a remarkable architectural work, a place to reconstruct the architecture, sculpture as well as art of the Nguyen Dynasty with large bronze statues carved quite sophisticated, beautiful …

The space around Chu Dong Tu Temple is quite cool, quite quiet to create a sense of calm, pure and solemn. With all these things above, this is one of interesting places to visit outside Hanoi for you.
Semicircle lake

Semicircle Lake has beautiful scenery, which is a source of inspiration for artwork of famous artisans in the country.
Co Loa Wall

This is a long-standing historical site, the ancient city of the country Au Lac existed from the 3rd century BC. This citadel consists of many small vestiges in it, namely:

An Duong Vuong Temple with a large lake, inside the lake is a well called Well Trong Thuy – propaganda that Trong Thuy has committed suicide here.

Ngu Trieu Di Quy: This is the ancient house, although brought from other places, but the historical significance is quite large, propaganda on the day King Thuc Phan had been installed here.

Am Mỵ Chau: This is a place to worship Princess My Chau. According to the ancient legend, it is said that after the death of My Chau, she has become a big stone and drifted to Cam road. The people in the village immediately brought the hammock with the desire to bring her back to worship. However, the hammock was broken, then the stone fell at the banyan tree, so the villagers decided to build the temple right at this root of the tree to worship.
Bao Son Pagoda: This pagoda is quite beautiful, inside there are many precious art works are stored such as:

– The four gods.
– 134 Buddha statues.
– 5 stone steles.
– 2 common roses molding.
– Some other extremely valuable objects.

Cao Lo Temple: This temple worship Cao Lo.
Soc temple
This temple is one of famous places to visit outside Hanoi, is the place of worshiping Phu Dong Thien Vuong – a general with great merits in the fight against the Tong.

Ham Lon Mountain
This resort is located about 40 km from Hanoi capital, it is called “rooftops of the capital” with the poetic and natural scenery.

Ham Lon mountain
Beautiful scenery, beautiful in Ham Lon mountain

The mountain is not very high, quite suitable for mountain climbing, camping or picnicking … Especially on the mountain, there is a flat land, where tourists often find to camping, relax, wait for the sunrise or the most beautiful sunset of the day.

Ham Lon Mountain
Ham Lon Mountain

Viet Phu Thanh Chuong
This is a relatively famous royal architectural complex that preserves almost all the historical and cultural values of the former imperial court.

As a matter of fact, this is a private museum set up by a famous artist named Thanh Chuong.
In Viet Phu Thanh Thanh also has a restaurant with souvenir shops specializing in selling unique handicraft products for you to visit, shopping.

Bao Son Paradise
This one of interesting entertainment places to visit outside Hanoi. It is quite popular and is suitable for small families. Here are a lot of activities, including interesting games, large aquariums and special art performances for you to enjoy.

Apart from entertainment, Bao Son Paradise also has a nice restaurant for you to find lunch to continue your afternoon fun here.

The ancient pagoda in Ha Tay
In the old Ha Tay area there are many ancient temples, namely these temples are:
Tay Phuong Pagoda: This is considered as an ancient temple, which is home to many statues of Buddha with a unique sculpture alive.

Hundreds of Pagoda: This temple owns more than 100 huts with a long history, this is one of the oldest, famous ancient people in our country.

Thay Pagoda: This temple is quite famous with many legends, many thrilling stories, extremely sacred. Especially, this place is also the place where cool air, poetic landscape, charming as the place for the future.

Dong Mo Cultural Village – Son Tinh
This village is very valuable, is a place to preserve, introduce the culture of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. The main tourist areas are the Gia Rai, Ede, Xu Dang, Ba Na and M’Nong.

This village often organizes many cultural activities as well as many festivals reflecting the beauty of the Vietnamese people, such as singing folk songs, set up the tree or the racing festival in the Seven Mountains – seven Mountain…

Ba Vi National Park
This beautiful national park with many beautiful natural attractions, most charming for you to visit, experience. Especially at the foot of the mountain is a very beautiful lake, this lake is called Tien Sa Lake with many thrilling stories revolves around it.

Ba Vi National Park with natural beauty poetic, charming
Ba Vi National Park with natural beauty poetic, charming

Go to Ba Vi National Park, you can visit everywhere and organize camping, eating, playing together in a peaceful atmosphere, extremely cool.

Camping, enjoy the natural scenery, charming in Ba Vì National Park - Hanoi
Camping, enjoy the natural scenery, charming in Ba Vì National Park – Hanoi

Ancient village of Duong Lam
This is an ancient village of the highest grade in Vietnam. This place still retains many tangible and intangible cultural heritages that reflect the lives of our Vietnamese people in the past.

Duong Lam ancient village - where still retain the cultural values of Vietnam years ago
Duong Lam ancient village – where still retain the cultural values of Vietnam years ago

The old houses and the village roads as countryside brings us back to the simple life, peace in the countryside childhood.
Some interesting places to visit in the village are worth a visit:
– Ngo Quyen tomb.
– Mia pagoda.
– Va Temple.
– Mong Phu village.
– Phung Hung Mausoleum.

Quan Son lake

 Quan Son lake
Landscape Quan Son lake with green water, so poetic, charming

This large lake, a tourist location near Hanoi is quite interesting for you to come. Landscape of Quan Son lake is quite beautiful, the scenery of wild, peaceful is the harmony between the limestone mountains with a lake in the green, cool to feel calm, comfortable to strange.

Especially, if you come to Quan Son lake at the right time of the lotus blossom season, you will feel the very own beauty, very fancy but very beautiful, will surely leave you the best experience.
Coming to Quan Son lake, you can bring your food to camp, picnic by the area around the lake without food.

Huong pagoda
Huong Pagoda is a famous architectural pagoda complex, where more than a dozen temples, worship gods, Buddhas, etc.

Scenic Huong pagoda, charming, is a beautiful tourist place to visit outside Hanoi. Especially, when you come to Huong Pagoda on the occasion of January to March lunar month, you will be attending Huong pagoda festival extremely special.

If you want to visit Huong Pagoda, you can visit this website to check the suitable itinerary to Huong Pagoda.

Beautiful scenery of Yen stream to Huong Pagoda Hanoi
Beautiful scenery of Yen stream to Huong Pagoda Hanoi

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